The story started years ago.  Our founder was an aid worker from Canada who traveled to disaster zone with aid agencies providing medical care and clean water.

Throughout the many trips to Cambodia with his volunteer team, he started recruiting young Cambodians to work with his team so that they would be able to proudly assist their fellow Cambodians and learn new skills.

One of these young Cambodians was Kosal.  Sadly, in December 2013 Kosal passed away as result of a motorbike accident at the age of 18.

As a result of this, Kosal’s family was left without a provider, as he was the only person bringing food to the table for his grandmother, aunt, three siblings and his ill mother.  Our team from Canada decided to help the family out and as part of the aid, a water well was installed for Kosal’s family in his honour.

After seeing how a simple water well improved Kosal’s family’s life, and seeing how generously the family shared their well with their neighbours, we decided to launch our water well program.

To date we have installed dozens of deep water wells.  Donated by generous people from all over the world.

We have installed wells for corporate donors, private donors, and in memory of lost family members.

100% OF DONATIONS GO TOWARDS THE PROGRAM, WE DO NOT HAVE ANY OVERHEAD COSTS.  (please check out our Financials page to learn more).

Each well we dig and install is tested for water quality, GPS tagged on a map, with photos and videos of the project made available to the donor. is a beneficiary of Green Leaf Foundation and Tavoos Foundation.

We are an organization operated 100% by volunteers, with 0% overhead expenses.
Meaning 100% of donations goes directly to the projects and 0% goes to salaries, office or marketing expenses.