Our Mission at Wedigwells.comOur mission is quiet simple:
To provide deep water wells and hygiene education to families in Cambodia

We are an organization committed to providing the basic right and necessity to all humans: Clean Water.

wedigwells.com is operated 100% by volunteers, with 0% overhead expenses.  Meaning 100% of donations goes directly to the projects and 0% goes to salaries, office or marketing expenses.

To learn about our structure and our finances, please go to our “financials” section.

To date, we have installed dozens of deep water wells across rural communities around Siem Reap.  Providing access to clean water to hundreds of families.

Because Cambodians are extremely generous, one water well installed for a family will be shared by the entire community.

We have a waiting list of families who desperately need deep water wells by their homes in order to have access to clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

This is how our program works:

We scout for a proper location to dig based on elevation, distance to road, latrines or livestock
(to avoid flooding and contamination)
Once we hit water, the source is tested for contamination before the well is installed. If the water is contaminated we will dig at another spot.
Families are educated on maintenance of the well and also on basic hygiene and sanitation.
Follow Up
We follow up frequently to make sure the wells are working without problems and test the water quality. If there are issues with the well, we resolve them immediately.


What we are mostly proud of is the fact that we provide our donors with photos, videos and GPS tags of each well. Donors are able to see the families who are benefiting from the well, but also get a back story about the family.